Community Access Planning

Community Access Planning

Community Access Planning is to ensure that individuals have access to the resources, services, and opportunities they need to live fulfilling lives within their community. Empowering NDIS and elderly clients to thrive in their community: our goal is to provide essential services.

Empowering individuals with disabilities and older adults to live fulfilling lives within their communities is at the heart of our Community Access Planning services. Our team of expert providers in Melbourne, Australia work closely with clients and their families to identify their needs, preferences, and goals. We then create a personalised plan that connects them with relevant resources and services, including NDIS services, to help them achieve their objectives.

Our Community Access Planning services are designed to help our clients access vital resources such as transportation, healthcare services, and housing, while also providing them with social and recreational opportunities. We believe that living a fulfilling life involves more than just basic care and support, and that’s why we take a holistic approach that includes mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Our trained professionals also provide guidance and support to help our clients navigate available resources and services. With our Community Access Planning services, individuals and their families have a dedicated team to help them every step of the way, empowering them to lead independent and fulfilling lives in their community. Contact us to learn more about our care solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a registered NDIS service provider in Melbourne, we can help you prepare for the NDIS. This will involve helping you understand the eligibility requirements and when the scheme will be available in your area. We understand that preparation is essential, therefore we will work with you and your support networks to ensure you are adequately prepared for your meeting with the NDIS planner who will approve your financial package.
For many years, we’ve been supporting great outcomes for many people who access our services with or without a NDIS plan. Some of the services we provide include:
  • Community nursing care
  • Household tasks
  • Daily personal activities
  • Assistance with travel
  • Accessing and maintaining employment
  • Translating services
  • Financial services
  • Assistance with community participation
Supported Independent Living (SIL) is one of the types of support we provide so you can live with independence – in either you own home or one of our accommodation options. This assistance is suitable for people with higher support needs. Our friendly team helps with any household tasks such as meal preparation and delivery, house maintenance, and laundry and ironing.

As an approved provider of in-home aged care services, there are a range of approved home care packages that we can put together so you can live a full and happy life at home. We offer the government’s My Aged Care packages which are made up of four levels, designed to give you the care you might need now but then can also be adjusted if your needs change in the future. Home Care Levels 1 and 2 help people with basic or low-level care needs; Levels 3 and 4 help people with intermediate to high care needs. Alternatively, if you are a privately funded client, we can tailor a customised home care package based on your needs.

We offer a range of services including:
  • Personal services
  • Social support
  • Nutrition, hydration, meal preparation and diet
  • Continence management
  • Mobility and dexterity
  • Nursing, allied health and other clinical services
  • Modifications to the home

To help you navigate the resources and services available.

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